On my spring break from college in 1969 I visited a high school friend who was studying photography at the University of Miami. One day he came home and said “I’ve got two press passes the Doors concert tonight. Do you want to go?”  So off we went cameras in hand.

The next thing I remember was waiting for two hours at the front edge of stage for Jim Morrison to show up.

And show up he did!! Drunk and looking for trouble.

Morrison’s intent was more to start a Dionysian riot than perform the band’s primal music. He pranced around the stage jumping up and down and writhing on the floor, grabbing his crotch and stuffing his hands down his leather pants. All the while, Ray, John and Robby watched monotonously hammered out the same chords over and over and over. And no, Jim did not expose himself. Like a junior high school wise guy in the school yard he simply stuck his finger out his fly.

Girls jumped on stage, wrapped their arms around Morrison and screamed “f*ck me Jim. f*ck me Jim.” As the girls were being removed from the stage Morrison tossed one of the cops hats into the audience.  On queue the anti-establishment 60′s crowd erupted.

So there I was snapping away with my Nikon 35mm, unaware of the history that was being made.

My photographs have been reproduced in Rolling Stone Magazine, both Doors box CD sets, the Doors biography picture book, and most recently the film documentary “When you are Strange”. The images capture the range of his manic mood that Miami night from pensive and introspective to wild and seemingly possessed.

The first two images being offered for sale are:

The Kick and Eyes Closed

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- Edgar