We all know now that Morrison was wildly drunk that night.  He taunted the audience with his anti-establishment epithets in-between is epileptic fits of writhing on the floor and jumping up and down.

That night he chose not to be the genius rock and roll singer, writer, performer that lit up our youthful lives from the airwaves and vinyl grooves.  Our generation got high listening to the Doors poetic lyrics and primal rhythms and we wanted to be entertained by our idols music.

It was not to be.  Morrison had other intentions.  I later learned Morrison came drunk to The Dinner Key Auditorium that night disenfranchised from performing.  He had become enamored with confrontational theater.

He was hell bent on creating a Dionysian, rebellious scene.

This photograph show how he was stomping around the stage and metaphorically, if you will, trying to stomp out the conventional sense of order.

By the way, this photograph has been the most widely reproduced image of that night.  It has appeared on the cover of the CD “Live in Miami”, in the booklet of the Doors first Box CD set “The Doors Box Set”, and on the back of the “Soft Parade” booklet in the Doors 40th anniversary box CD “Perception” as well as the documentary movie “When You Are Strange”.

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